Friday, July 31, 2015

Need to have a come back lol

I am going to try and get this blog hopping again with reviews of some great stuff plus some great things from my new business. So here is what has been going on I have had another child a boy named Dallas he is a year and half now and will be 2 in October. Sami is 3 and a half now and loves her little brother with all her heart. She will be in October. We have had a few losses since moving to Arizona Patchie and Pepper both passed away from old age this has been very hard on us all. Sami and Dallas keep asking for a new puppy but we have had to put that on hold since we are going to be moving back to Cali in May next year. So we can be closer to my hubby's parents. I started online college classes last month bookkeeping and accounting and homeopathy. That has been fun. I will post more when I have more time next week.