Friday, January 27, 2012

COMFORTS for baby review Bzzagent Jen76

since Im bzz agent I got to try COMFORTS for baby a kroger brand in my bzzkit I got coupons baby wipes and  Spill-Proof Cups. One of the coupons was for free diapers or formal as we are EFB with this little one we chose to get the diapers.
There are 2 types one are regular and the other ones are Touch of Nature Diapers as I was not there hubby called me and not knowing the differences in the two we chose the regular ones.He brought them home and they felt like paper I really dont like them at all I so wanted to because they are cheap but nether one of us did. 
Now as far as there other stuff goes we loved it. The wipes are really soft and the Spill-Proof Cups look cool even though my little one is to young to use the Spill-Proof Cups yet. me and hubby also cant wait to try the other stuff like bibs and spoons and stuff like that. He said when he went and got the diapers for me there was alot of cool accessory that were cheap that he liked ty again Bzzagent for giving me a chance to try the stuff 

Bzzagent Jen76

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