Wednesday, August 22, 2012

so life

Sry I have been missing but life gets in the way sometimes and that is what it has been doing here lol
Will I have news me and my old man finally after over 18 years of being together and 2 wonderful kids got married this weekend hehe so that is one thing that has been getting in the way of me blogging also the house being foreclosed on hasnt helped ether :(
But with all that life is great and things are going good and we are all happy and that is what counts in life. But anyways I have a few things I have been working on for my business that I think are going to  help bring in some extra money hehe so as soon as I know more I will post about it.
I am also trying to get a few companies to work with me in doing some giveaways and other stuff, I will try and keep you all informed on when this will happen. :)

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